Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010: Power to the People!


"All Roads Lead to: Power to the People"

by Jill Westerholm

There is no doubt that there is a massive shift in the world powers coming through. For years now so many of us have seen a hard split, to two worlds, or two realities. It is easy to see how and why this is occuring! One just needs turn on TV to view the fear and impending implosion of the world!

Of course, we've long since been moving toward releasing our fears and just Being at the other calmer, peaceful version and finally that other version is in our collective rear view mirror as we dance & groove fully into it with this New Year into a joy and ease and downtream flow that hasn't been felt for some time.

Just 2 weeks into this beauty, it is also evident in the oil and water effect that occurs when running into others in that other place. It REALLY doesn't match up AT ALL anymore does it? Friends, clients, and associates who are at the other party truly aren't even in the same reality at all anymore and its quickly evident with brief interaction.

Close at home Obama's appearing more and more like a puppet with his hands tied, so much for radical Hope & Change thus far, more war budget put forth, no accountability to the true govenment (Banks), Health Care reform same wolf in new clothing, but hold up....that's not to say I've fallen into a crevice in the other place and can't get up...No, his lack of leadership to the promise land is all part of the greater Purpose. Ironically, he IS serving humanity. As it is all leading toward the Divine purpose of Power to the people and an awakening mass consciousness of not relying on others that which we can do and create ourselves.

Why? Because nothing pushes forth an Emergence to the new reality like a real-true-blue-our-survival-depends-on-it-empowerment my friends.

SO much can be accomplished in these coming years as the people learn they out number those in power. The table is being set so beautifully in 2010's numerology, astrology and collective shifting of consciousness.

And here's the funny part, it's all happening without the main stream media.

I say funny but really it's ironic.

Having spent last 6 or so years as an activist in Media reform (among other things) growing more and more frustrated by the lack of change that people just don't seem to care about as slowly the free press amendment rights are stripped away then resigning and dismissing the reality to just Being without an attatchment to the results, I am now watching the movements afoot on the ground growing and growing despite it all! I realized of course, of course!


And this includes the internet, the last bastion of Free Press is again on the line with another vote nearing and new hearings at the FCC on whether to pass Net Neutrality protection or let corporations like Comcast become gatekeepers of the Net. The ability to go where you want, when you want, and read blogs such as this one, stands in peril and Obama, once being strongly supportive of Net Neutrality now going soft.

If a protester shouts from an Amazon forest tree, will anyone hear it?

Yes. Yes they will. Because guess what, our relaxing fear free party over here is growing and expanding one by one by our collective Joy and our obliviousness to it all!

And because of course...still, still, the light is always stronger than the dark.

It may slow things up a bit, it may cause delayed reactions but it not only can still be done, it HAS to be done this way!

The protestors of Iran used Twitter to show the world they were uniting against their corrupt Government following their Presidential election last year, but when their Government SHUT DOWN THE INTERNET for an entire region of THEIR COUNTRY guess what? The protests continued and they continue to this day in a quieter more organized and ever more powerful fashion.

Yes, it is becoming more and more evident that people are being led to reclaim their sovereignty with grass roots movements on the ground exploding and uniting and expanding like nothing since the 60's.

All over the world.

And I'll be right here to cover it all.

Power to the People becomes Power to the One.

Organized. Not Chaotic.

And the Power of One shall prevail.

So what do we do over here in the meantime?

Help where you can help, join what makes you happy to join, and by all means....Smile, Hug, Love & Laugh much... it will shine our Light that much brighter in order for those that are waffling or bumbling around to find their way to the obvious and easy choice, to this place of Peace & Prosperity for all.

And REALLY get's amazingly beautiful and different and easy and fun. The only limitation will be same thing it's always been and that's our own imaginations... to Co-create Heaven on Earth.

~ Namaste'

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