Thursday, January 14, 2010

CRUDE: vital social justice lesson coming soon to theatre near you

Fantastic piece of Art. Vital social justice work and perfect that it's arriving in a year whose astrology, and numerology cry out for reclaiming of sovereignty and power of the people, from those who suffer in Darfur for decades, to American working class slaves working for $ 5 6 7 an hour well below a living wage while fat cats wine and dine, to Americans who pay insurance premiums only to be denied coverage for that procedure or this or just as worse be tested and tested like a human guinea pig for profit, or watch your interest rates go up up up as corporate banks rob you of your money like the Wild Wild West only in suits and like the individuals who lost loved ones in this film due to Chevrons vile greed. You can't just watch, read, learn about anymore it's not enough. Thank God someone cared enough to go up against Big Oil and do something about it. Get up and move people.
Take action we must, to reclaim the Oneness that is ours and always will be ours.

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