Thursday, June 03, 2010

A fantastic video..and good daily RX for the energies right now :) Time moving ever so quickly in the quickening, making for rushed routines and frazzled dreams. From the mother of all Retrogrades, to full Buddha moon, to the new month that cries out "Is this still getting topsy turvy on us?!" We come to stop. Breathe. Observe. In the Now and in the Abundant energy of the One is where time stands still, colors radiate and illuminate to create even new colors, animals look into your eyes, and things..fall into place at the Universal pace of All that is at ease. You sleep when tired, work while stimulated/productive, eat when hungry and BREATHE it in often every minute holds its own rich tone and glow, every interaction with another becomes magical and time slows or stands still :) Namaste' xxoo Jill

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