Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Angels Among Us

in a recent CADDO GAP, Ark. Associated Press story on the intense flash flooding that occurred recently the widely published article that mentioned Rescue crews took to kayaks, horseback and ATVs at daybreak Saturday to resume the desperate search for dozens of campers still missing after flash floods swept through a popular campground, killing at least 17 people this stuck out and gave me chills..

"Denise Gaines said she was startled awake in
her riverfront cabin by a noise that sounded like fluttering wings.
She saw water rushing under the ...cabin door."I thought it must have
been an angel that woke me up," she said. She woke up the six others
...in her cabin and started packing her things" AP Wire

There are Angels Among Us always. I have encountered them and written about them here before. Believe.

Take time for Stillness.

The energies are intense right now like a giant Tsunami it can wash over you.

Like the river in Arkansas the rose some 20 feet in 8 hours.

Pause often.

Once an hour if you can.

Just to sit and




And Slowly.

The answers will come.

Spirit runs through you

like a River.

There is no separation.

All contrast brings wisdom.

All wisdom brings Peace.

You are not alone.

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