Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just Breathe!

The storm blasted through the early morning this morning just as the storm in my head had cleared. Literally. Nauseousness, aches, electrical sensations, migraine, onset seemingly out of NOWHERE! Somehow, I managed to fall asleep past midnight.

Then I awoke to the light coming through the bedroom.

The rain was coming down hard enough that my husband and I had a list of things to assess as our property slopes down, our bedrooms are in the basement and has taken on water a few times before and we certainly don't want it to happen again! So with every heavy onset of precipitation we assess and proceed accordingly with the perfect balance of calm and productivity without fear.

This is the balance we are called upon to use now as we go forth into the New Earth.

In the early morning hours, as the television is barely if ever turned on and collects dust and the internet becomes less and less appealing to me, I often finish my meditation exercises with a friend or await them by listening to the Earth outside my door. Quite often and at various times of the day the birds have been engrossed in some pretty loud and busy chatter! I tell my friends, is it just me? Or the birds by my door? She lives in a different town and said no, I hear it too.

I once came upstairs to head out on to the deck to get a closer look and dozens of them scurried up and away! It seems I abruptly broke up their little conference call.

Electrically speaking we depend on our energy devices like we depend on water, light, all our other "needs" throughout the day. And they are acting awfully funky lately too! We are all on an energetic Grid. Humans included. And it is ALL being affected at this time. All things and all relationships are being affected. From the two-legged to the four-legged, to the inanimate to the animate.

In Presence with me observe and see this Truth!

So what is up?

Well, I'd say if I figured out that dear brothers and sisters of this beautiful Earth...I'd be doing my Podcast broadcast by now telling everyone!

I'm sort of with you...learning as I go along.

Just another Divinely coordinated shift I suspect.

Just enough things that are tilty and off that our sensors are going off.

Just another curvy, hilly turn on the Roller coaster to the New Earth.

You remember how exhilarating and scary it is clicking toward the top of a big, wooden Coaster?

And how thrilling yet unsettling when you fly on down from the top at breakneck speed?

Something like that.

So put your hands up and smile!

Let Go.

Just Breathe!

Enjoy the ride.

Get outside.


Be still.

Listen to the Guidance

It is all around you!

In all forms!

Okay, I can hear your cries now "Oh, but you don't understand...(Insert complex life

changing situation here)! How can I just Breathe through THIS?!

Oh, I do understand.

I have weathered it all right there with you under the most unforeseen circumstances.

And these transitions are all about reviewing the same ol same ol

which makes it all the more difficult

and weary

to weather.

It's all about letting go.

It's still all good.

All is well.

And better yet it is beyond the beyond where we are going!

Discard from Fearful theories...

spend your thoughts and energy elsewhere.

Creating the New Earth with me!


Roxane B. Salonen said...

Jill, this is one of my favorite posts of yours. Your writing is growing beautifully. Great job! Hope to see you soon. :) Oh, I like your profile pic too -- very nice.

Great Emergence said...

Why coming from you dear award winning and published friend that is a lovely compliment! Thank you... See you soon! At the coffee shop? :) As be both B R E A T H E!