Saturday, June 16, 2012

Alignment baby!

The Galactic Alignment sounds so.....Star Trek. But it is truly a dance in the heavens. I teach a lot about being in Alignment in life and how everything flows with the higher mind when one is Aligned with God and the heavens. The ways to become out of alignment are often very subtle. Fear and Worry are examples of emotions out of alignment and the prevalence of them are at epidemic levels right now on the planet. One can become quickly ailgned again however with a moment of presence. An interaction with another that IS aligned. Using a simple affirmation and so forth.

The alignment of the heavens is the positioning of the Planets to form a straight line sending an influx of energies to our planet shifting us into a new balance of higher thought forms within our mind body spirit will and soul, this opening of love or shift of energies can be catapulted within our physical body (THE HOUSE OF THESE ENERGIES) during the summer solstice the week of June 21st 2012 when the sun is at its most northern point causing it to be the longest day of the year.

In in our physical body!

Explore the sensation in what you eat, think, feel & get physical with the one you love. Anchor these energies to the well spring of your being and enjoy the endless waves of Joy, Abundance, Contentment, Enthusiasm and the seemingly infinite array of positive emotions that being in alignment bring forth and that are especially heightened over the next few weeks since the monumental Venus transit.

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