Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Venus Transit Day is here!

Greetings! I keep saying I'll stop over here more and time keeps passing by without the space and time to do so. But this evenings event is far too grand to not share and perhaps begin a renewal of writing with it. Today Venus transits over the Sun at approximately 5:09 central US time until the best viewing at sunset. However, do not look at it with your naked eye. Plenty of options for viewing can be found at Space.com and Nasa.gov which will be providing video. I particularly enjoy this piece from the Astrologer Salvador Russo with his website at the end. I hope you enjoy it. An enormous cosmic event! A time of meditation and prayer and convergence and renewal. Namaste! Jill

An extraordinary cosmic event that has been revered throughout the many centuries of recorded history begins today: the Transit of Venus. During this event a mystical union of the heart and mind will occur as the Sun makes conjunction to Venus in the House of Gemini. This event completes a 243 year cycle and is the last of its kind this age, not to renew until the year 2117. It fulfills a great prophecy and will empower God’s people to thrive in the radiant Age of Aquarius that soon dawns. It will dwarf all other celestial events that have occurred so far this year in importance and effect. As Saint Peter prophesied long ago, the day has dawned when the Morning Star will rise in our hearts. The Transit of Venus was first observed by Pythagoras, the renowned scientist, philosopher, and alchemist of ancient Greece. It was he who discovered that the orbital geometry of Venus, over eight years, traces the image of a rose in the heavens. On Earth the rose is a symbol of love. In the heavens above, Venus, also known as the Morning Star, is symbolic of God’s love for the world. This sacred geometry is non-accidental and serves as a proof of God that is written in science. Known also as “Rosabelle”, this natural phenomenon is but one of the beautiful mysteries so abundant to the cosmos. This event fulfills a promise made by Jesus Christ himself when he mysteriously said, “And I will give them the Morning Star.” Observe how this conjunction completes the star pattern of the Venus Transit. What did the Apostle Peter mean when he said, “until the day dawns and the Morning Star rises in your hearts?” Esoteric wisdom reveals that Divine Will manifests on Earth when the Sun makes aspect to the planets in our solar system. Earthly events that sync with solar alignments always have an extraordinarily divine signature. When these alignments occur the Sun’s power magnifies the effect of a planet’s natural influence. The Venusian vibration resonates with human love. When the Sun makes conjunction, its energy is exalted into the realm of the Divine. Through the 5th and 6th of June, when the Sun and Venus align for the last time during the Age of Pisces, unseen and mysterious blessings will manifest in the hearts and minds of God's people. Openings, clearings, enhancements, and awakenings will ensure that the minds of God's people are carried by their hearts more than ever before. These wondrous changes will burst into life and their effects will endure forever. Empowerment of the circuitry between the heart and mind will result and manifest as joyous enrichments in beauty, intellect, creativity, cognition, reason, language, charm, focus, clarity, speed, discernment, and rationale. The issue of these types of non-material treasures is the allegorical meaning of the Morning Star being given. As these stars align above, stars will shine within. For meditative purposes imagine starlight emanating brilliantly from your brain and heart, unifying with one another through your throat chakra, the seat of communication, something so dear to Gemini. This is the microcosm of the alignment, and true to Gemini it comes to us in two. Know also that this influence is one of total harmony between masculine and feminine energies, both of which are required by life. By all measure this is an evolutionary event designed in love for the highest purposes of humanity. It is the last of its kind in a life time. The highest course of action during this specific time is to simply open our hearts to God's infinite and overwhelming love which is ready upon request for all who seek it. It is true that God's people shine from within. Beyond these days this will become apparent for all to see. It is of monumental importance to observe that just one day prior, Neptune, for the first time since its re-entry into Pisces, begins its retrograde orbit. Neptune's retrograde influence will promote the greatest energetic receptivity possible during the Transit of Venus, synchronistically through two primary mechanisms: the suppression of the human ego and the heightening of sensory sensitivity. This dual effect will allow for our spirits to receive freely and to promote a dreamlike perception of our connectivity to Creation. Neptune's vibration will also trigger mystical awakenings in varying degrees appropriate to each person. These experiences will be awe-inspiring, rapturous, and unforgettable, serving as triggers of awakening into higher consciousness. As Earth continues to ascend Neptune's energy will continually acclimate us to the ongoing dimensional merger, an important element of our cosmic awakening. Venus and Neptune share a very special connection, that connection is love. Venus resonates with human love while Neptune resonates with universal love. During Neptune's retrograde transit divinity will rise within people so that they can change the world without. Imagine the silhouette of a human being filled with a beautiful cosmic background. This is what Neptune will instill within us – a cosmic level of consciousness, compassion, and brotherly and sisterly love. I encourage all to share what you feel with one another through this time as the vibration is contagious and supremely positive. The following types of events will coincide with the Transit of Venus: consummations of love, miracles, revelation, epiphanies, twin blessings, the reception of secret aid, recovery from wrongdoing, the healing of damaged friendships, causes to celebrate, joyous notices, enlightening exchanges, the issue of reward, accords and truces, extraordinary fortune with authority, the formulation of elite partnerships, notice of promotion, pleasure focused travel, life changing conversation, romantic intensity, high profile weddings, the reception of priceless information or documents, sudden boosts in wealth, delightful material gains, recovery from illness, and for our children, they will see dreams, hopes, and wishes fulfilled, they will receive gifts, and experience joy. The mystery of the rose so high, invisibly set on the open sky. With petals pealed back for the world to see, His grace shines down on humanity. With enrichment for all who hold true to His word, our star brings us beauty the kind most deserved. As hearts and minds blossom we move further from sin, our DNA singing from the victory within. A promise that began from the man of Galilee, dear friends, did you know, His Kingdom’s built gradually. As Rosabelle becomes known her promise hits home, God loves us all, just as His own. Turn to Him, Astrologer Salvador Russo www.starseedastrology.com www.mysticamari.com Photo courtesy of the accomplished author Richard Merrick, www.interferencetheory.com Lastly, in the spirit of this event, please enjoy the song "Kiss From A Rose" by Seal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdY5XPZFSdw

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