Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Relax. Be.

Happy New Year and Epiphany! I hope this finds you grounded in the New Year of 2013 ready to face a year filled with infinite abundance of all the things you love!

Each New Year ushers in New Energy of course as we attempt to close the book on the Year that has just passed then turn to face a New Year with renewed Hope. That is... after the initial shock of having reached the end of another year in what seems like faster than ever before and in record "time"

This Shift seems particularly true this year with the crescendo of 12/12/12 and 12/21/2012 passageways.

I've been in a place of reading others spiritual musings far less for several years now and in the past few weeks of the New Year it has dwindled down to not reading anything else aside from an occasional Tweet or Status posting on Facebook and even then just a few seconds contemplation is given. It's just too hard to be Present with feet planted in the Now with so many forecasts and even snapshots of what is taking place on a etheric or galactic level. It isn't much different with my spiritual gifts either. I find I'm in a place akin to my driving routine of turning the radio off and running errands or to and fro work in the blissful silence of the car...quieting even my thoughts as I go. Perhaps it's a slight case of cognitive dissonance as well but it feels as if it's the best place to be right now for me. I wonder if you are feeling the same? (Feel free to share in comments) The only place this feels like one piece of the puzzle is missing is in my spiritual work but I'll be's also a benefit that I do not have a large client base at the moment. I largely leave it up to Spirit and it feels like when the right time comes I will be busy enough but for now is good to have the time to just Be. And yes, I DO see the irony in the fact that I'm even writing this in the hopes it will help someone. And Tweeting and Posting on Facebook. In fact, it makes me giggle a little.

It's again, more about being grounded here in the linear world, focusing solely on my "stuff" and no one else's reality and a practice in staying Present. The more I read of another spiritual colleague or religious digestion of the state of humanity the more my IAM says "Turn it off"

To me Scripture speaks to not only the Mayan end of Age but Revelations in 3 sentences.

"Heaven and Earth will disappear, but my words remain forever. But no one knows the date and hour when the end will be- not even the angels. Nor even God's son. Only the Father knows"

This has been confirmed by my very gifted spiritual mentors who are humorously unaware of that passage. "We are discovering in our meditation that no one knows what will happen next except God. Not even our guides or the Angels"

At a glance, I see teachings of encouragement to stay positive at all times, in social media and with whomever we encounter or interact with. And of course, I believe it is crucial in raising vibration of the planet by always coming from a place of Love, the highest of all vibrations. But, we the peacemakers must be careful not to mute ourselves so much so as to not shine Light where it needs to shine. So much energy has shifted in the past few months from my speaking Truth to family members or colleagues or friends or in my social media posts with just right amount of tempered anger (passion), discernment and love. We are seeing this play out nationally with our politicians inability to get along and with the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary and our gun control debate. We must be steadfast in being peaceful, but not complacent or apathetic.

As always, our greatest challenged awakened ones is to be Patient because we don't know. No matter your or my spiritual gifts, that is how it is intended. And like you, I'm growing weary of waiting but impatience and frustration will not lead us the other side of the New Earth. Intertwined with this is to trust, because it can be so sad to look all around us and see so many loved ones transition, to see hardship, violence, and things that are of THIS world which is imperfect and not of the Kingdom. Especially if you are empathic like I am. It can be hard emotionally just to take any of it in. Trust also removes our fear of the unknown. Fear puts us instantly in a lower vibration and we are fed it 24/7 in our society right now with information on everything to the flu, the food we eat, or the debt of our nation.

Don't take it all too seriously. There is a Divine orchestra underway and you are an important instrument with many notes in this beautiful symphony. You merely need to Love and Be and when you see injustice, sound your trumpets bravely but peacefully.
You haven't nor will you miss a turn. The Father already has you going the right way so relax, enjoy yourself in this journey. Find young children to laugh and play with if you feel yourself taking it all too seriously.

The last 10 years and especially the last two have been so difficult and cathartic but you must know dear Ones that you are blessed to be here Now and that you are no longer a caterpillar.

You are already a butterfly.

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