Friday, February 01, 2013

Winter of your contentment

It was a crisp -18 below this morning and temperatures have slowly risen to 1 above with a calm wind after a brisk wind chill of 25 below this afternoon.

The crunch of the snow and creak of the car door with fingers crossed that car engines will start give away to a normal winter day in Fargo save running the car a bit more when driving to and fro and a few more layers of clothing to stay a bit warmer.

The cold has a way of bringing out the warmth in everyone as cars sit running at stores unlocked all over town without being driven away by anyone and strangers help push cars that have gotten hung up on a snow drift en route to or from work. You would think the cold would shorten the life span of any human being yet once again we top the longevity list in America up here. May be hard to figure out for other folks who think we are all a bit crazy or as we call it in my home state of Minnesohhhta "Looney Tunes." But really it's got to be that warmth of our good natured community and the sense of gratitude one has of simple pleasures on such a bitterly cold winter day.

You'll face your mortality real quick if you stand outside even in a brief walk to the mailbox on a day such as this. And you'll give thanks that you have a car to get to and from work so you don't have to stand at the bus stop as some do. You'll give thanks maybe a few times a day that you have a warm home to come home to. And you'll perhaps sip on the coziest, most delicious cup of cocoa or coffee when you come in and dry off and thaw out after shoveling or snow blowing the sidewalk.

You'll also find yourself chuckling when you bop outside to brush off the car or see if it will start in your pajamas in the morning or a light sweatshirt. Or catch yourself basking in and gazing out the window appreciating the breathtaking sight after the snow falls each and every time. Marveling at the beauty of the sparkling white blanket that surrounds you. And the white lined bare trees that turn everything in to a magical forest.

Oh sure, it can get a little frustrating in the winters that we've gotten over 30 inches of snow and cold snaps of below zero go on for two three days in a row and the car gives out here and there needing a "Jump" with a service call or a call to a friend who has jumper cables leaves you late for an appointment. But far more the beauty and the gratitude take hold of you. Far more the cold winter nights cause you to find solace and immense gratitude over a blanket and a crackling fire.

It's a great metaphor for where we are going. The secrets to shedding all our baggage...all the stuff that no longer serves us

Now is the time to bask in the simple pleasures of life

To be in gratitude.

To be in community and compassion of helping others.

Agree to Disagree and put our differences aside. Embrace our commonalities

Find a chuckle in the absurdity of it all

Believe in all that you can manifest now and just forget and what was or has been that did not or has not worked

Make this tranformation not the winter of your discontent....but the winter of your contentment

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